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Helpful cleaning instructions

To get your masonry looking new again, Tri County Block & Brick advises using Sure Klean® products. Sure Klean® is a division of Prosoco. Read more about their products on the Prosoco website.

1. Pre-wet the surface with water

2. Apply at the appropriate dilutions

Step-by-step directions

4. Reapply the product and moderately agitate with a brush

5. Pressure rinse thoroughly

6. Allow the sample to dry for at least 18 hours and visually examine

7. Visually compare the color of the cleaned surfaces of the concrete brick to

an uncleaned surface for the best match

  • Sure Klean® Custom Masonry Cleaner - 3 minutes

  • Sure Klean® Concrete Brick Cleaner - 3 to 5 minutes

3. Allow appropriate dwell time, as specified:

  • Sure Klean® Custom Masonry Cleaner

            for Split-Face Block - (1:4) or (1:6)

  • Sure Klean® Concrete Brick Cleaner

            for Founder's Brick - (1:2) or (1:3)

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